Valentine’s Day Wedding Planning Tips

You’ve decided to have your wedding on Valentine’s Day. This is the most romantic day of the year but will take plenty of planning to get just perfect. Don’t worry about the plan. Here’s a list of things to make sure you do.

Book Early and Warn Your Friends

Get in there early with the date. There are lots of others who want the same date, and the best venues will be snapped up extremely quickly. You may have to book around the date, such as the closest Saturday or Sunday instead.

Make sure your friends and family members are aware as early as possible. They will have their own plans for Valentine’s Day and the weekend around it.

Show Your Love Through Wedding Invites

Your wedding stationary is an excellent way to show your love story. Start with how you met in your save the date cards with the method of proposal in the wedding invites. Give a little bit of information per piece that goes to your guests, and finish off the story on your big day.

Look out for wedding stationary ideas that connect to your story. It may not be conventional, but that doesn’t matter. Remember your wedding day is all about your love story.

Add Subtle Hints of Red and Pink

You don’t need to make the whole day about Valentine’s Day. It’s possible to draw in subtle hints based on a black and white setting. For example, only include hints of reds or pinks in the chair sashes, the cotton bags for favours, and pink satin around an all-white cake.

Subtly will stand our far more than a room with pinks and reds. Your guests will start looking for elements that you’ve included and find the beauty in them. Sit down and work out where you can add the subtle hints to keep your guests looking.

Create a Cosy Section

Wedding parties aren’t all about the loud music. People will want to talk, as most family members will only meet up at these types of events. So, you want to give them a space for this.

Plan ahead for it by creating a cosy section in the venue. This is where most of the music will be kept to a minimum and you have comfortable chairs for people to sit. You can decorate it out with some throws and pillows to create a more homely atmosphere.

Don’t forget about the cocktails and snacks. People will want to eat and drink while they  talk.

Make a Kissing Booth

Want something a little different for your wedding entertainment? Why not add a kissing booth to your wedding day. This can be in place of a photo booth—or an adaptation of the photo booth. Set up a photo frame for someone to take photos as people kiss or hug.

You can always add some Valentine’s Day props too. Give guests the chance to take serious or funny photos to remember your wedding day by.

Opt for Hershey’s Kisses or Lovehearts for Your Favours

You need to give out favours, but there are chances that you want to avoid the traditional sugared almonds. Well, you can do this with the use of Hershey’s Kisses or Lovehearts. Put a selection of them in cotton bags and place on the tables or in a bowl by the door. You can also have your flower girl and page boy hand them out throughout the night.

With some planning, you will create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day wedding. It’s time to get creative and find the subtly in the day.

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