The Story

starts many many years ago in my childhood when I heard a strange click-click-ing. Sometimes it stopped, then it was clicking again. I didn´t stay much longer in my room I ran to see what´s happening in the kitchen. Oh, my Grandmother was sewing on the old Sewing Machine!

I knew about this piece of furniture as an old closet but I have never seen it before so widely opened! All the treads, fabric bundels, buttons, lace pieces cought my eye and I kept staring at the whole happening. My Grandmother smiled at me with her loving eyes, seeing an enthusiastic sparkle in my heart she already knew that this day will never be forgotten.

Since that day I always get butterflies when I see a Sewing Machine and my fingertips are drawn to touch the world of colors and fabric.

All the rest is left to imagination to add something to this wonderful World.
My inspirations? Family and Nature.

Dear Reader Welcome at Cott’n Love Handmade!